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The Murex Technologies Methodology

The Murex Technologies Methodology

Analyze: In every engagement, large or small, Murex Technologies takes a truly consultative approach. We consult thoroughly with you to determine your company’s specific needs, outlining potential risks and inefficiencies, and then devise a solution based on those factors. We also outline the timing of the solution from start to finish, so you know what to expect and when.

Design: The initial concept is fleshed out, with a review of hardware, software, and coding needs. At this stage, we work with your team leaders to stage a comprehensive plan for your business and outline how that plan will unfold in light of current operations.

Build: After the design is finalized, we build the solution, including assembly of hardware, software, and custom coding.

Test: Unit tests, including a component review for functionality, are followed by a system trial to ensure function of all parts in cohesion and the impact of the new system on existing systems. Modifications are made as needed to ensure functional effectiveness and efficiency in concert with the entire system.

Implement: When the new system is fully functional, we use proven strategies to actualize it. This includes implementing processes that enable a smooth transition in the shortest time frame and thorough training to optimize the capabilities of the system and ensure that staff fully understands and embraces the transition.

Support: We offer short- and long-term support for all of our technology solutions. Having the builder solve the problems saves you time and money and avoids the need to hire additional personnel.